The Balloon Live project started in 2018 as a follow-up project to replace the FAI Balloon Competition Loggers introduced in 2009 by the New Technology Subcommittee of the FAI Ballooning Commission. The project has a larger scope. It replaces the existing loggers by a mobile app and an additional sensor box to guarantee a constant and equal quality of the position (GPS) and altitude (GPS and barometric) measurements. Additionally the live transmission of the data becomes reality and opens a lot of new possibilities for live coverage and tracking of the competition. is an essential part of the project as platform for data recording, visualisation and scoring.

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Balloon Live Contest 2021

The Balloon Live Contest is a decentralised balloon competition organised by the FAI Ballooning Commission (CIA). Participating pilots from different countries compete against each other in challenging and interesting task settings while flying in their area and country. After the first edition in 2020, limited to a few countries only, pilots from all countries can now participate and fly all around the world.

4-8 tasksheets will be available to fly over a longer period. Normally only one scoring flight is possible per task sheet and per pilot. Some task sheets may allow for multiple attempts.

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