BLM – Balloon Logger Management

Balloon Logger Management (BLM) is a software written by Marc and Lukas Andre which helps officials work with the FAI/CIA Balloon loggers and FAI Balloon Live tracks. It allows to read the track files and extract all meta data from it. All conversions happen with the same algorithm as inside the logger.

The software serves to

  • Analyze track files and read marks and goal declarations. The coordinates can be shown in all coordinate systems supported by the logger itself
  • Export the igc files as Ozi track files or GPX files including conversion of the altitude (QNH, instrument error)
  • Check digital signature of igc files
  • Prepare SD Cards and write logger configuration to the SD Card
  • Download tracks from the logger internal flash memory. This function can be used to retrieve a track if the SD Card is lost or not readable
  • Debug functions for logger including error log dump and factory reset

The analysis function can be used in batch mode allowing the single click conversion and export of a full set of track files. The marks and goal declarations are written to an Excel file.

All conversion functions (coordinate and altitude) are identical with the logger’s internal algorithms allowing the exact same coordinate conversion as in the logger.


The software requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2. This framework is usually already installed on most computers. If missing it can be downloaded from Microsoft. The Setup will also install it if needed.
For downloading tracks from the logger you also need the driver installed. See here.


Download the setup software from this website and run the setup.