General questions

You can download the Android and iOS version in Google Play and Apple App store (soon):


During installation, you must grant full permissions to use the location (always, also in background mode) in order to make the app work properly.

Please note that rooted/jailbroken devices and some special OS versions are not supported.

The app costs about 6€, depending on which country you buy the app from.

In 2020:

The use of the app is free of charge.

From 2021:

The cost to use Balloon Live for a competition is a one-time fee of 100€ per event, to be paid by the organiser. This will give you access to watchmefly.net to setup the competition , distribute registration tokens and download the tracks.

Every pilot needs to buy "competition credits" within the app. For each competition a pilot registers and competes in, he will be charged one credit. Credits are available at around 10€ each, depending on which country you buy the app/credit from.

Note: These fee are considered a project income and will go directly to the FAI Ballooning commission to develop, run and maintain the app and the backend systems.

To use it in your event/competition, please contact the Balloonlive-team using the event setup request form.

The team will get back to you with the details on how to pay the 100€ fee for your event. (free in 2020)

Once payment has been received, the team will create an event for you and give your managing access to it on watchmefly.net.

At the moment the app only supports the phones internal location sensors (GPS) to be used to determine the position. The quality may vary depending on the phone model and technology used.

Balloon Live Sensor

For FAI CAT1 events and others, a special external sensor box with standardised sensors is being developed. The release of these bluetooth connected devices is scheduled for end of summer 2020 and can be used in nationals events too.

Using the app

For now you can use multiple phones and register each with the same pilot code to the competition.

To not confuse the scorers and overload the servers, we recommend to use your backup phone(s) in training mode and provide the stored track via email or other transfer method to the scorers.

The tracks will remain on the phone until you delete the app.

You can delete an individual track file on the phone after 5 days. Swipe the file name to the left to show the delete button.