Balloon Live Contest registration

example: 2000-01-30
(if available)
By entering the competition,
- I declare that all information provided to the Organizers on my Registration Form are correct and true;
- I agree to follow the rules and regulations applicable to the competition;
- I authorise the organisers to publish information from my application Form on the official website and program;
- I authorise the organisers to store and publish the recorded track data as transferred by the Balloon Live app on;
- I understand and agree that I enter and participate in the competition at my own risk and I that I agree to release the event, its organisers, sponsors, officials and volunteers from liability for their actions or inactions relating to the event.
- I understand and agree that the participating balloons are at any time under the complete authority of the pilots who are and remain responsible for all decisions to be made in association with the balloon operation on the ground and in the air.
- Officials of the event may supply information, guidance or data, but I understand that I act or rely on all such information at my own peril and the organisers assume no responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of such information.
- I understand that none of the flights are mandatory and that I will make all flights at my option. My decision as Pilot in Command may affect my standings in competitive events and any compensation to which I might otherwise be entitled.
- I declare that I am participating in the competition at my own choice.
- The organisers of the competition may at any time and at their sole discretion cancel any part or all of the event and may cancel my participation at any time and at their sole discretion, in which case the Entry Fee will be returned.
- I give full permission to FAI Ballooning Commission and its authorised representatives, to use any picture, movie, data or sound recording of me, my balloon, equipment and team members for news, advertising, promotional media and commercial use.
- I accept the terms of the Pilot Agreement above.