Special Sale 2020

for Balloon Live Sensor

The availability of the Balloon Live Sensor is a important milestone in the Balloon Live project. Therefore we are happy to offer the device for the best possible price during this 2020 Special Sale event.

If you register using the form below before the registration deadline and thereby commit to buy one or more Balloon Live Sensors (BLS), you will be one of the first lucky owners at the lowest possible price.

Please note: The date of the next sale event is unknown. It will depend on the adoption of future major championships and is likely not before end of 2021. Availability of the devices outside the sale events will be very limited and significantly more expensive.

Special Sale Price

The price for a Balloon Live Sensor during this sale will depend on the total number of devices ordered by all purchasers as the manufacturing cost will change.

Sale price (excl. VAT)*Total number of devices
309€50 – 99
280€100 – 199
271€200 and more
*German VAT (16%) will be added if private purchase from EU country

Packaging and estimated shipping cost*

Europe outside EU35€
Canada and South America70€
*Shipping cost may be adjusted if a better shipping solution is found with the purchaser. Grouped shipping of devices to a local partner is possible.

On behalf of the Balloon Federation of America (BFA), purchases from the USA will be overseen by Paul Petrehn. If you use the order form below, the order details will be transferred to Paul Petrehn. Final details, including US pricing, shipping and payment methods, will be determined by November 6.

Sale schedule

This 2020 Special Sale has the following schedule.

Selling entity and payment

In order to simplify the shipping, Strasmann Ballooning agreed to help us handle the orders, invoicing and shipping from Germany. Invoices will be issued by and payments will have to be made to Strasmann Ballooning.

Orders may be bundled to save shipping cost. We try to arrange this with partners (Japan, Australia,…)

Very large orders will be managed by FAI/CIA and might ship directly from Volirium (Flytec Balloon).

Payment method

Invoices by Strasmann Ballooning must be paid by bank transfer or Paypal. Paypal cost will be charged separately on the invoice and are estimated based on the region the payment comes from:

Paypal cost
Rest of the world17€


A warranty of 2 years on production faults is included. This warranty does not cover wrong or rough use, wear or tear.

Frequently Asked Questions

(updated regularly)

Yes. It has bluetooth connectivity (BLE) to the Balloon Live app (phone or tablet) and a separate bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth SPP profile with NMEA) to up to 2 devices (laptop) to be used for mapping applications. All these connections can be used at the same time.

No. Unlike with the previous FAI Balloon loggers, FAI Ballooning Commission will not create a pool of devices that can be rented by event organisers. In upcoming events using Balloon Live, the pilot will be required to bring his own Balloon Live Sensor to make sure the quality of the position recorded for scoring is the same for all pilots.

The event organisers usually decide what logger system they want to use. 2020 has shown that many event organisers are interested in using the Balloon Live app with the Balloon Live sensor in the future as this is meant to replace the FAI Logger used so far. Among these are organisers of regional and national championships as well as larger events. There is no decision made on the next Europeans and Worlds yet, but as soon as we know, we will post the information here.

The initial order was made through a special purchase event which was held in November 2020. Over 500 devices were ordered by pilots from around the world. Another sale event will not be schedule before the end of 2021.

If you missed the sale event and I you wish to purchase a device sooner, please contact your Flytec Balloon dealer for an individual purchase.

The recorded track is stored in up to 3 locations:

  • The Balloon Live app stores a recorded track and it can be shared as IGC file through the normal sharing possibilities on the device.
  • The Balloon Live Sensor additionally stores the track in IGC format on its SD card.
  • If you use Watchmefly.net for the competition, the track is also transferred to watchmefly.net once the phone/tablet is online.

The Balloon Live Sensor comes with an SD card (inserted into the slot), a pouch for protection, a lanyard to secure it while using it in a balloon, a velcro strap to attach it to an upright, and a micro USB to USB-C adapter. To keep the cost of the device low, the box does not contain a charger. Instead you can use any charger with a USB socket that you already have.

Order form

Send an email to sale@balloonlive.org and we will get back to you as soon as possible.