The Balloon Live Contest is a decentralised balloon competition organised by the FAI Ballooning Commission (CIA). Participating pilots from different countries compete against each other in challenging and interesting task settings while flying in their area and country. After the first edition in 2020, limited to a few countries only, pilots from all countries can now participate and fly all around the world.

4-8 tasksheets will be available to fly over a longer period. Normally only one scoring flight is possible per task sheet and per pilot. Some task sheets may allow for multiple attempts.

Competition details

OrganiserFAI Ballooning Commission
Event DirectorClaude WEBER
Deputy Event DirectorSylvia MEINL
Scoring officiersMike MEINL
Christian DRESSEN
JuryThomas FINK

Rules of the contest

The Balloon Live Contest 2021 is an international decentralised competition.
The rules are based on AXMER2021 with adaptations for this type of competition.


All official correspondance should be addressed to

Registration must be made using the registration form below:

All completed entries (registration and fee received) will be acknowledged by publishing the participant’s name on the list of pilots on

Entry conditions and fee

Pay the entry fee directly through Paypal

The event is open to all pilots with a valid pilot license for hot air balloons and familiar with the rules of the event.

The entry fee is 50,00 Euro and must be paid together with the registration to the Paypal-account:

The entry fee includes the organisation, competition direction and scoring.

The closing entry date is 31 July 2021. Entries after publication of the first task sheets shall not be reason for protest. Any task sheet published before that date will though be flyable until at least 15.08.2021.

All completed entries (registration and fee received) will be acknowledged by publishing the participant’s name on the list of pilots on

Official Notice Board


The Event will start on 01.05.2021 with the publication of the General Briefing information.

The publication of the first task sheet will be within a few days after the General Briefing information.

The time period, during which the TDS may be flown, is defined for each TDS individually.

The last possible flying day will be 31.12.2021 unless a different date is indicated in the TDS.

The publication of the final results is planned to be latest on 20.01.2022.

Logger and scoring

The Balloon Live App, connected to a Balloon Live Sensor, will be used as only acceptable logging device.

To be able to score the recorded track, the app must connect to the internet to transfer the recorded data to This must be done latest 6 hours after the start of the recording.

Scores will be published after the end of the scoring period of each task sheet.


Prizes for the overall winners will normally be:

  • 1st place        1000€
  • 2nd place      500€
  • 3rd place       300€

These prizes will be confirmed latest by the closing entry date and will depend on the number of registered participants and sponsors.